Run from the Moon by Katelyn Beckett (ePUB)

run from moon, katelyn beckett

Run from the Moon (Joining #1) by Katelyn Beckett – Free eBooks Download


On our first date, he stood me up. When I gave him a second chance, he nearly killed me.

Davey Cartwright and I grew up together and I’d spent most of high school dreaming of running my fingers through his dark curls. When I finally got my chance to go out with him, he didn’t bother to show up.
I never forgave him for breaking my heart. He disappeared from school shortly thereafter, shattering me completely.
After dropping out of college, I’m back in my hometown, and wouldn’t you know it? Davey turns up on a dating app. He’s a perfect match, of course. I want vengeance, so I bribe him with dinner and drinks.
This time, he shows up. Except now he’s a monster and his sights are set on me.
It wasn’t bad enough to leave me ripped to shreds, alone on the street. Now, Davey and his whole pack of shifters are running me down, convinced I’m destined to be their alpha queen.
They can go straight to hell.

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