Rum and Rendezvous by Raquel Riley (ePUB)

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Rum and Rendezvous (Love And Libations #1) by Raquel Riley – Free eBooks Download


What do you get when you combine terrible dating advice and a bottomless supply of consolation cocktails? Garnish with banter and sweet baked goods and you have the perfect recipe for love.

After a string of failed dates, I was ready to give up on love.
Carson Carrick was the bangable bartender who was out of my league, barring one disastrous night turned perfect.
I was blown away when my one night stand stepped in to help change my luck. Under his careful direction, things went from bad to worse. I’ve started to wonder how someone could be so charming but suck at dating.
Maybe I was the problem after all?

I had no idea what I was doing when I offered to help Ryan find his match. But he was hot, gullible, and desperate. He needed me—I mean—he needed my help.
I should never have touched him, because now I couldn’t keep my hands off him. And the more I helped him look for the right guy, the more I became convinced that it was me.
I was beginning to think he had seen through my lame attempts at coaching him on dates. But why should he even bother looking for Mr. Right when I’m right in front of him?
How could I make him see I had more to offer than rum and rendezvous?

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