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ruined, vanessa winters

Ruined (Beautiful Tyrants #1) by Vanessa Winters – Free eBooks Download


That’s what people call me.
Ever since it happened to my mom, I’ve only had one goal.
Discover the truth—no matter the cost.
But to find the answers I seek, I’ll have to dive into the dark underbelly that took her from me. Beneath the pristine surfaces of two elite rival colleges in Charleston, lies a world of wealth, power, and sickening corruption, that runs deeper than anyone could imagine.
And I intend to destroy it.
Problem is, I can’t do it alone.
I need help, and I’m willing to sacrifice my soul to get it.
That’s where they come in; Julian, Adam and Michael.
A friend, a stranger, an enemy—and the only ones who can help me.
But each of their help comes at a price, and by the time I’m done, I’ll have gone passed every moral and rational boundary I’ve ever known.
But I don’t care, because there is no coming back from where I intend to go.
You see, the danger in surrounding yourself with monsters, is that there’s a good chance you’ll eventually become one…

This book contains dark themes, including bullying, abuse, violence, suicide and sexual relationships that some readers might be uncomfortable with.

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