Ruined Beasts by Allie Santos (ePUB)

ruined beasts, allie santos

Ruined Beasts (Moretti Academy #4) by Allie Santos – Free eBooks Download


The Academy’s secrets ran deeper than I could have imagined.

Evil spilled into every facet of my life, but I could do nothing to stop it after they’d taken my Enzo. Each day at the whim of my enemies chipped at my sanity but I had to play along with their little power games.
I wished that was my only battle, yet I couldn’t stop dwelling on the past. I never had the opportunity to face the devastating memories of my mates’ betrayals and I feared I’d never forgive.
Despite that. . . I would do anything for them, even trade my life for their freedom.
Cruelty and I were becoming closely enmeshed and I began to like it—I was a monster and it was time I embraced it, even if it meant breaking my ruined beasts.

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