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Ruination (Hellfire and Halos #1) by J.N. Baker – Free eBooks Download


When the fires of Hell and the wrath of Heaven collide, will they escape unscathed, or will they be consumed by the flames?

She’s been put on this earth to wreak havoc and spread chaos. She’s done it for centuries, ruining everything and everyone she touches.
It’s what demons like her do.
And angels like me stop her. I’ve been tasked with killing her each time her blackened soul resurrects, sending her back to Hell. It’s a dance we’ve done for centuries. And I’ve never failed at completing my mission.
Until now.
She’s returned different this time. She doesn’t seem to remember me or what she is. And the longer I’m around her, the more I find I’m forgetting myself.
If I’m not careful, she’ll drag me straight into the bowels of Hell with her.

I’m not all that surprised to find out I have a stalker. It’s pretty par for the course for my life. Just my luck he’s hot as hell—and entirely crazy.
He claims he’s an angel sent from Heaven to kill me, and he’s turning my already shitty world upside down and lighting it on fire.
And my life isn’t the only thing he’s got burning. The to-die-for man could make a saint sin.
Too bad he thinks I’m a demon who needs to be sent back to Hell. Like I said, he’s off his holy rocker.
But the longer I spend with him, the more I feel like I’m right where I’m meant to be. Even if that means in the end, he’ll ruin me.

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