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Rugged Hero (Heartland Heroes: King Mountain #4) by Lana Love – Free eBooks Download


People tell me I’m a hero. How am I the hero if I’m the only one who survived the IED?
My VA therapist says my stress levels are dangerously high. His suggestion? Yoga.
It sounds ridiculous, but I go. I want to dig myself out of the darkness. The class is as difficult as I imagined. What I didn’t imagine was the strong, curvy woman instructor. I nearly fell a** over tea kettle when she bent over and I saw her luscious thick thighs and…more…when she bent into one of these ridiculous positions. There’s a lot of positions I’d like to get into with her, that’s for d*mn sure.
I’m warming to the idea of yoga, but to say I stick out like a sore thumb in her class is the understatement of the century. Private lessons seem like the best option, plus I get to spend more time with the curvy instructor who makes me believe there’s a way out of the darkness.
I tell myself a woman like her could never love a scarred man like me, but every time we meet, the look in her eyes tells me differently. She has shadows in her past, too, but a voice deep inside me tells me she’s The One and that I have to put everything on the line for her. I can’t bear the thought of losing anyone ever again, but the thought of losing her to another man? That hurts worse than my scars. Now that I’ve found the woman who gives me hope, I’m never going to let her go.

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