Rudolph’s Runaway Bride by George H. McVey (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Rudolph’s Runaway Bride (Holliday Islands Resort #9) by George H. McVey – Free eBooks Download


Unlike the famous saying, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.
Reality TV star and youngest of nine sons, Randall Rudolph Holliday is surprised when his father orders him to return home and run his Alaskan island that caters to billionaire clients looking for a high-end wilderness experience. The last thing he expected was his father to demand he find a wife too! The challenge is — Rudy is still legally married from a quickie Vegas wedding the prior year to the woman who he can’t get out of his thoughts.
Clarice Reese is just months away from marrying the man she is convinced is her perfect match when the worst mistake of her life shows up claiming they are still husband and wife. All she wants is a quick divorce and to put the accidental marriage far behind her. When her husband challenges her to see if they might be a match and scores higher than her current fiancee what’s a girl to do?
Will Rudy and Clarice be a True Love Connection or will she once again run away from him? Does Clarice get her divorce and marry the man who is waiting for her in New York? Could it be true her fiancee might not be who he claims to be? Is there any Christmas magic left for the youngest Holliday brother or is it time to say goodbye to Rudolph’s Runaway Bride for good?

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