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ruby, rebekah l thompson

Ruby (Black Hawk Gems #3) by Rebekah L. Thompson – Free eBooks Download


It’s always darkest before the dawn —
— New love will heal old wounds —

Beginning with an abusive father, Anastasia’s experience with men hasn’t been the stuff of fairytales. Upon settling down with her family in a new city—Redwater—life doesn’t seem to change for Ana. Different house. Different school. But all the pain, depression, and uncertainty remains.
There is, however, hope, in the form of one young man who just may be her savior—despite a rough façade. It seems that not all knights wear armor. Sometimes, leather will do . . .
An active member of the town’s motorcycle club, Clarke Woods (AKA Sniper) immediately catches Anastasia’s attention, and after being paired together for a daunting English assignment, the two are set to grow much closer, sharing their darkest secrets.
As violence at home grows worse by the day, this budding love may be endangered. At last, on the brink of happiness, Anastasia will need to fight for not just herself but the very key to salvation.

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