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royal rebel, jj knight

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You’ve never made a mistake like mine.
It’s bad enough being a bloomin’ princess.
It’s not all cake and tiaras.
There’s rules. Expectations.
Your internet is censored. Your cell phones are tapped.
And your father is literally king.
Mine made a law that no man between the age of seven and thirty is allowed to work inside the palace.
Which means I’m surrounded by kitchen staff, female guards, and a dusty old tutor named Maurice.
Now I’m twenty-three with zero experience around men. I’ve never even texted one.
But on the castle lawn, there are dozens of hunky new guards working out below the tower. I spy on them every day.
I’ve chosen one.
Kind. Beautiful. Strong.
I sneak through the underground tunnels to surprise him in the rose garden and tell him how I feel.
Except when I finally confess my love through the trellis, and we walk to the end of the hedge to begin our forbidden romance…
I realize I’ve accidentally propositioned the biggest playboy in the palace.

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