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A Prince with one rule.

Never marry a princess.I follow my heart.It’s the code I live by. And that’s saying a lot, since they’ve been trying to put me in a royal match since the day I was born.I’m not cut out to be a prince. I’ve always been more of the playboy type.The crown sits a lot more comfortably on my older brother’s head.I play my own game, live by my own rules, and will never be the smiling, waving aristocrat they all want me to be.

I like to think I got my rebellious streak from my mother.And now, I wonder what she’d think of my choice.Tamara is the last woman on earth any of them would have matched me with.She’s not royalty. She doesn’t have a drop of aristocratic blood in her body. She’s multicultural.Oh, and it gets worse. A lot worse.You guessed it.She’s American!She’s the star of the hit new royalty TV show, Princess of Nowhere.And for the first time in my life, I’m reconsidering my No Princess rule.

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