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Rowe (Primal #1) by Dylan Page – Free eBooks Download


June 29th, 1973

Dear Mom and Dad,

The girls and I are ready for our big kayaking trip! We leave July 5th and we’ll be done by the 9th. So hopefully you’ll get my letter before I make it home, all stinky and unwashed from our four day adventure. We did a training class at the University on how to use our kayaks, which we rented from the sports facility, and I’m feeling pretty confident. I actually really like it. If I can save up enough money I’ll definitely consider investing in one.

I’ve packed up enough food, my camping gear, water, and all my safety supplies for this trip, so no fretting, Mom! I’m set to face off a bear should it come to that (just kidding, don’t have a heart attack). I’m really excited for this trip, and I’m bringing my Polaroid camera to take pictures that I can send with my next letter.

I know with my first year at school being behind me, you want me to finish up somewhere closer to home, but I’m happier now. I love my new life, and when I go into the wilderness, it helps me forget the heartache I went through. Please know that I’m happy and I promise I’ll visit later this summer.
I hope you and Dad are doing okay.

Please know that I love you both and I’ll call when I get back from my trip.

Lots of Love,

Trigger Warning:

This book is meant for mature readers, 18+.
Rowe is a 75K+ word romance that contains some scenes and situations that may be upsetting for some readers. Includes several triggers and sensitive material such as: sexual assault, dubcon/noncon, violence, and other possible triggering elements.
Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of the above. Thank you.*

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