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round up, kameron claire

Round Up (Love Stories from Dear Allie #3) by Kameron Claire – Free eBooks Download


Corey: Dawn’s been my best friend since high school, the one constant in my life, and the only woman I’ve ever been myself with. She’s also way out of my league, but I’ve realized over the last few weeks I love her. And while I don’t want to lose our friendship, no other woman will ever come close, and I’ll never be all in on a relationship while the what-if with Dawn hangs over my head. So I have to deal with the what-if.

Dawn: I’ve loved Corey since the ninth grade, only he’s never thought of me that way. To him I’m one of the boys, and never one of the many bleach blonde bimbos he takes home from the bar… which is fine. I resigned to being his best friend, and nothing more, a long time ago. But now he’s back after taking off for a few weeks—no note, no call, no text—and he’s acting weird. Really weird.

Dear Allie relays the stories her readers can’t tell their friends. To help you live out your fantasies, here is one of their sexy stories, because these things happen, and they could happen to you!

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