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roughed in, eva moore

Roughed In (Exposed Dreams #3) by Eva Moore – Free eBooks Download


Frankie’s Punch Out List: 1. Finalize plans to takeover Valenti Brothers Construction. 2. Nail this vineyard renovation in spite of it being cursed. 3. Prove to the world that I’m more than the comic relief. 4. Make out with my director on top of a bar. Wait, how’d that last one get on there? But, as long as it’s on the list… Frankie Valenti has always dreamed of taking over the family construction business. But as the baby of the family, and a girl to boot, she’s constantly having to prove her ability. Now everything she’s worked for hinges on one project, a made-for-TV vineyard renovation. She’s got to nail this, and not her infuriating but smoking hot director, if she’s going to win her father’s trust. If life would just follow her damn blueprints, everything would be fine. But we all know how often that happens… Jake Ryland will do whatever it takes to move his reputation from child actor burnout to celebrated director, up to and including manipulating “reality” to make the best shows possible. He’s never felt bad about it before, but there’s something about Frankie that makes him want to lift her up, instead of tearing her down. And if he happens to pin her to the wall while lifting her up, well, then everybody wins. Except for his execs who want to see her fail and owe them $100,000. Crap. He’s so screwed. Rough and tumble hookups are one thing, but can they turn into a stable foundation for a relationship? Or will the whole structure crumble under the weight of pride and ambition?

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