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Rough Hand (Rock Bridge Ruffians #1) by Olivia Chase – Free eBooks Download


I’m no good for her. And she’s probably no good for me, either.
But hell if I don’t find myself wanting her right now. My c*ck is slamming against my zipper at the thought of thrusting my tongue in her mouth, swallowing her moans…

She’s so pure that I can almost see the glow of white around her. I’m too wicked, too dirty to touch her.
But there’s something about the way I can feel her emotions pouring from her, like she’s a broken dam spilling over, that makes my chest tight.
No one has ever made me feel this way. Like she could slide under my skin and see all of me with her own innocent vulnerability. Like I could be in real danger of losing my self-control, the walls that have protected me well for my whole life.

I can’t let her break me apart, not when I’ve worked so hard, so long, to keep myself glued together. To be strong and impenetrable.
No, I’ll just keep my distance. Surely that won’t be a problem. Even if she does live right across the street from my shop.

I’ve never had this feeling before, this burning need to be around someone as much as I can. When we touch, I want to keep on touching.
When he’s inside me, our limbs tangled together, our sweat-slicked bodies connected in the most intimate way possible, I feel like I’ve found my other half.

Yeah, I’m falling for him. Head over heels, all the clichés. I’m falling hard for Levi, and he’s working just as hard to keep himself from being vulnerable with me. Does this make me a fool, or can I even hope that he might start to open up to me?
He’s so scared to open up to anyone. So scared to dig into the things that hurt him in his past. I just want to help him be happy. If only he’d drop all his walls and talk to me, he could let it go and move on.

Will I ever be happy with Levi? Right or wrong, I need more.
I need more, but the problem is, walking away from Levi makes me feel like I’ll end up with nothing at all…

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