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rough, jason collins

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I’ve never been tempted to give up control before.
All my life, I’ve craved making the rules. But my divorce showed me love is the one thing I can’t control, and I’m not getting hurt again. Not unless Garret tempts me into risking it.
He could be my fresh start, but he won’t be satisfied until I let him have his way. I don’t know if I can surrender to someone else, but Garret is irresistibly decisive in bed. What he says goes.
He’s the master of his nightclub, and I’m falling hard for him. But when two intense men cross paths, something’s got to give.
And I want to give him everything.

Nothing’s out of my grasp, not even falling for a man as commanding as me.
I’ve always been the one in charge—I call the shots. I’m not usually attracted to other assertive men, but Felix is the exception. He pushes every one of my buttons, and I can’t keep my hands off him.
Our spark is undeniable, but work keeps getting in the way. Someone’s threatening my business, and it’s interfering with my love life. Still, I’m finding more and more comfort with Felix, even if he won’t let me be in command—yet.
I have a painful past, but Felix is exactly who I need to work out my aggression every night. I won’t lose myself, and I won’t lose Felix.
Between two strong men, the struggle burns hot.

Note to readers: This is a standalone MM romance.

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