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Rosie’s Rules (Café Paradiso #1) by Love Parker – Free eBooks Download


Rosie Byrne, petite, smart and talented. At 24 she has her career as a London based Jazz singer on track and her life neatly sorted, scheduled and organised – including her three ‘special’ Buddies and the Rules that they stick to.
Rosie’s Rules: her safety net, her shields and her guarantee that no-one can ever betray her, cheat on her, hurt or humiliate her ever again. No-one, but no-one gets to break the Rules!
Enter a 6’2, drop-dead gorgeous Kentuckian; older, charming, and a rule breaker…
Nathan Connor has spent the last seven years wanting nothing more from women he’s dating than sex and superficial conversation. So when beautiful, talented, Jazz singer Rosie Byrne stumbles into his life offering a sex-only, no strings relationship, it seems too good to be true. There are just two conditions: 1.Exclusivity is NOT a requirement and there are three other men in her life, and 2.She has a set of rules he’d be expected to follow.
The trouble is, he already knows he wants more, and he wants her to himself even though she comes with a shed-load of baggage. Has he recovered enough from the trauma that turned him into an emotional train-wreck, enough to trust again and be the only man she needs?

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