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roscoe, laura scott

Roscoe (Oath of Honor #5) by Laura Scott – Free eBooks Download


Oath of Honor – To protect and serve!
Betrayed by love!
Tactical police officer Roscoe Turner is shocked when his former girlfriend Libby Hall shows up on his doorstep six months pregnant with his child. Bullets start to fly before they have a chance to talk. A killer has followed Libby to Wisconsin all the way from Texas and it’s up to Roscoe to keep her and their unborn child, safe.
Frightened and angry, Libby knows this mess is Roscoe’s fault. If he hadn’t lied to her, she wouldn’t be in a killer’s crosshairs. Yet as they dodge danger at every turn, Libby is forced to realize Roscoe is the only person standing between her and a painful death. Will they get a second chance at love?

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