Rory’s Last Act by Toni Kelly (ePUB)

rory's last act, toni kelly

Rory’s Last Act (The Syndicate #3.5) by Toni Kelly – Free eBooks Download


***This book does not have a HEA***

I’ll follow a different path to that of my brothers, not because I chose to take it, but because that fork in the road is forced upon me.
I’m the family security expert, and I pride myself in knowing everything there is to know about everyone, but I failed when it came to those closest to us.
When one truth is revealed, I vow to do everything in my power to find the rest. In the months that follow, I find answers to questions we haven’t even asked, but among those answers, secrets are revealed.
Secrets that could tear us apart.
I refuse to let that happen, no matter what it takes. I’ll give them everything they need to make it through this together.
But little do I realise that my destiny doesn’t have a happy ending.
I won’t survive long enough to see them make it through…

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