Room One Hundred and Twenty Six: Denied by Jade Royal (ePUB)

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Room One Hundred and Twenty Six: Denied (Club Sin: Seattle Session 1) by Jade Royal – Free eBooks Download


‘Denied’ is the electrifying tale of love, trust, and the irresistible allure of surrender.

I invite you into the thrilling world of ‘Denied’. My name is Elara. I am the fiery chef with grand dreams. After inheriting my grandmother’s mansion, I stumble upon a treasure trove of secrets. Guided by three mesmerizing men from my past – Naveen, my unwavering ally; Hiroshi, a flickering ember of a past romance; and Kyson, an enigmatic artist – I dive headfirst into the intoxicating realm of BDSM. Together, we unearthe hidden desires and untangle forbidden passions. But just as love begins to blaze, shadows from my past creep in, threatening to shatter our newfound bliss.

Are you ready to join me on this wild ride?

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  • Room One Hundred and Twenty Six: Denied – Jade Royal ePUB



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