Room One Hundred and Six by Penelope Wylde (ePUB)

room 106, penelope wylde

Room One Hundred and Six (Club Sin: Seattle Session #1) by Penelope Wylde – Free eBooks Download


Enemy ties.

They dared me to steal the ring of the enemy if I wanted to join their elite society.
My plan was simple. Seduce the most powerful mafia men of Seattle at Club Sin, grab the booty—after giving some—and be gone. Who is going to miss one little ruby ring?
As plans go, it was a good one at first.
Until they tie me up and demand I either tell them my deep, dark secret or they keep me locked in their tower of glass and sin.
It will take more than dark whispers and beautiful torture to get these lips moving.
No one will understand my truths, so I keep them tucked close to my heart. They can possess my body, but the second I see an open door I’m a ghost.
Only I never accounted for one little detail. My black-hearted captors have their own secrets and I’m now caught up in their web with no escape from their possessive hold.

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