Room One Hundred and Fourteen: Masked Love by Mayra Statham (ePUB)

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Room One Hundred and Fourteen: Masked Love (Club Sin: Seattle Session #1) by Mayra Statham – Free eBooks Download


My name is Rosa Flores, and I have fallen in love with three of the most eligible bad boy bachelors in Seattle. Oh, did I mention they’re my bosses?

I’ve tried to mask it by keeping my head down while they’re around and stay out of the way. I’m their housekeeper after all; they probably don’t spare me a second thought past signing my paycheck. The three men might be different, but they have one thing in common: they’re completely out of my league.
After a storm keeps me in their house and under their care, things start to change. My daydreams become darker fantasies I can’t ignore. And I think they might feel the same way.
When I get an anonymous invite to one of the most exclusive clubs in the city, do I dare take a chance? Maybe a night of letting myself go will help curb the ache I feel for my billionaire bosses? Never in a million years would I expect Casey, Jett, and Malcom to be the ones who set the whole thing up. I’m not even sure it’s them until the masks come off.

Will the risks I take in Room One-Fourteen be a one-time thing? Will I have to mask the love I feel and live with the memory of the most perfect night ever knowing nothing will ever be as great as the men who own my heart? Or could I dare dream for more?

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