Room One Hundred and Four: Shock and Awe by Ember Davis (ePUB)

room one hundred and four, ember davis

Room One Hundred and Four: Shock and Awe (Club Sin: Seattle Session #1) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


I found burlesque when I was trying to gain confidence after being raised by people who preached about the temptation of women’s bodies. Though my family would find it shameful, I don’t. Burlesque is my calling and my source of empowerment.

When I’m on stage, nothing else matters. I tease and I play, but no one can touch me. While I love the thrill of performing, it’s a job and I keep those lines clear. Normally the crowd is faceless, but that changes when I’m hired by the Devil’s Saints MC to dance for their President’s birthday party. Spark, Rites, and Crucify are hard to ignore in the crowd, but they have more than enough women to choose from.

I never expected them to show up when I perform at Club Sin, but the way their intense eyes bore into me feels like lightning strikes in my soul. When they approach me to spend the night with them, they introduce me to electric pleasure I’ve never known before. My heart is shocked into beating just for them, but can they really give me everything they promise or will the sparks between us fizzle?

My club is my life, and my brothers are my family. I don’t have room for anything other than leading them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself. It’s enough. At least, I think it is until my brothers surprise me with a surprise for my birthday. Navy is untouchable in more ways than one, but with one look, I know she’s mine. And I’m not alone. But can I share her?

Solving problems for my brothers and my Prez is a part of my everyday life. Seeing the desire on Spark and Crucify’s faces while watching the burlesque dancer I hired, I know they want her. I’ll figure out how to make it happen because I want Navy too. She’s the light we need to make us whole. We only need one chance to show her how electric we can be together; then we’ll claim her.

I’ve known there is something missing from my life for a while. When I see Navy performing at Spark’s birthday party, she’s everything I’ve been looking for and more; even if I have to share her. I never want to lose the awe she makes me feel, but can she handle being with some rough bikers? After spending the night with her behind the doors of Club Sin, I know the galvanic connection between us is real. She’s ours and we’re not letting her go.

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