Rookies Hit It Better by Heather C. Myers (ePUB)

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Rookies Hit It Better (The Minor League Mayhem #3) by Heather C. Myers – Free eBooks Download


A joke gone too far. Unnecessary and unexpected feelings. Possessive feelings over a friend. And they rookies have no fun.


Beth has been my friend since forever. She’s the girl I call to bail me out of jail when a prank goes too far. I’ve never thought of her as anything but a friend. Just because she’s drop-dead gorgeous doesn’t mean I think of her in that way.

I don’t.
I’ve never seen her as anything but a friend.
I mean, I do some stupid stuff and she puts up with me. I think it’s because I’ve made her laugh – have been since we shared a kindergarten class.
She puts up with my stupid friends and our stupid shenanigans.
Thank God I was drafted by my hometown team and I still get to hang out with her when I’m not playing hockey.
I’ve never grown up, I guess.
At least being a hockey player means learning new ways to mess with people.

Until I realize my best friend has a thing for Beth.
Until I realize she may have a thing for him.
Until I realize I have a huge problem with it and I don’t even know why.
I’ve never seen Beth as anything more than a friend.
But now, I don’t see her as anything but mine. Only, she doesn’t know it yet.

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