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Rook (Atlas Security Services #1) by Ember Morgan – Free eBooks Download


Jaxon Mitchell:
My days of following orders are long gone. So when Roman Sloan asked me to join the crazy band of misfits at his new security firm, I told him there was something wrong with his head. Clearly there’s something wrong with mine since somehow I still ended up the newest recruit of Atlas Security and Investigations.
My time in the military left me with some trust issues that mean I don’t play well with others, so I’ve got my doubts this gig is going to work out. For now I’m working solo and it gives me an outlet for my boredom. Not to mention a reason to mess with the hot young detective who hates my guts.
Detective Porter is all glares and threats on the outside, but deep down… yeah, deep down, I’m pretty sure he actually wants to arrest me. Could be fun though. I’m not opposed to handcuffs and the uptight detective definitely has some extra tension to burn off.
Unfortunately, the man is either completely resistant to my charms, or worse than that, he’s straight. Still, watching the way his face turns red every time I flirt has me seeking him out more than I should. And when a new case comes my way that gives me every opportunity to do just that? Of course I’m diving right in.
Except this case might be a little more than I can manage on my own and I’m going to have to learn the hard way if I can trust a team to have my back again. It’s too late to back out now, I’ve placed my bets and all that’s left is to see where the cards fall.

Detective Nathan Porter
Jaxon Mitchell is the bane of my existence. The P.I. and his agency popped up out of nowhere, and for some reason, the infuriating man has set his sights on me. And he seems determined to ruin everything I’ve worked my tail off for.
I didn’t become the youngest detective in the department by accident. I keep my nose down, follow the rules, and I get results. Those things alone have gotten me where I am, and I refuse to let some meddling P.I. mess everything up. But there he is, every time I turn around, flashing those smiles as he solves another one of my cases like he’s done me a favor.
The man is reckless and allergic to rules. I deal with criminals all day, every day, but somehow Jaxon Mitchell is the one man I can’t handle.
So when my latest case becomes personal, the last person I want to see nosing around is the insufferable P.I. who sees just a little too much. But there he is, just like always, ready to unravel all of my deepest secrets.

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