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Ronan (The Syndicate #2) by Toni Kelly – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always known I was different; There was a darkness in me that only seemed to calm in the chaos.
I learnt from a very young age that my job was to protect those around me, to do whatever I needed to ensure their safety.
I have failed a total of three times in my life – the third being the worst.
That one I felt deep in my soul. I knew he was gone before I even got the call.
It broke me and sent me on a path of revenge, a path that will surely lead to my destruction…that is until I meet her.
She has a hold over my soul that I don’t understand, she calms me like only one other person could.
I don’t deserve the calm; I don’t deserve that kind of peace.
No matter how hard I fight, no matter how hard I push her away, she calls to me like a siren, she is the light to my darkness.
My need for revenge consumes me, and I’ll walk into the depths of hell to ensure I make those responsible pay.
My only hope is that her light is bright enough to guide me back out before I’m lost to it.

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