Romi and the Best Man by Amy Sparling (ePUB)

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Romi and the Best Man (Lake Sterling #4) by Amy Sparling – Free eBooks Download


Romi’s greatest dream is to run the famed Blake Retreat until she retires, despite how her family just wants to sell to a wealthy CEO and take the money. With the purchase offers getting higher and higher, she’d rather focus on planning an extravagant week-long wedding for a local couple, and it’s not just because the best man who is planning the wedding with her is super good-looking. (Okay, maybe it is.)
Lucas avoided love and family for years as he climbed high on the corporate ladder, and now he finds himself planning a charming wedding retreat for his best friend, Max. Weeks of phone calls and emails with the proprietor, Romi, has given him a little crush on the woman, but it’s not until he meets her in person the week before the wedding that he realizes that there might be more to life than working all the time.
When Romi discovers that Lucas not only works for that annoying CEO, but has been tasked with making sure he buys her business no matter the cost, she’s crushed. She’s also determined to make sure he never get.

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