Romeo: Unraveled by Marti Shane (ePUB)

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Romeo: Unraveled (The Pride of Pearl #2) by Marti Shane – Free eBooks Download


Bella just needs a short reprieve to put her thoughts into words to tell her father’s largest investor, Jack, to keep his hands to himself. As she voices the not-so-elegant words to her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she realizes she’s not alone. The delicious man is unapologetic for the intrusion, considering she’s in the wrong bathroom, but Romeo Donisi is the king of corporate damage control and offers his high-dollar advice to her dilemma for free. His efforts are wasted when she fails miserably to add any finesse to her verbal lashing of Jack after he polishes off a bottle of whiskey and her clients back out of their meeting. A verbal attack isn’t all she is accused of when she comes home to find Jack dead in her apartment.
Romeo hasn’t enjoyed his work in a while, but Bella Sartori is an entertaining and beautiful impromptu client, even though his advice escapes her in the heat of the moment. When she calls for a follow-up consult, the stakes are much higher because she was the last person to see Jack alive, and she’s the number one suspect. Clearing her name and keeping her shielded from the press are the least of his worries. A murderer was in her apartment, and Jack may not have been the intended victim.

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