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Romanced by the Rival (Never Say Never #5) by Carina Rose – Free eBooks Download


Romance is dead.
Believe me, I’m not exaggerating.
My ex-fiancé cheated on me. After him, I went out with a guy who was so stuck on himself I was surprised he didn’t walk around with a mirror in his hand. And my last date? Well, that one was a doozy. That manexpected me to pay for dinner . . . on my birthday!
That was it.
The final straw.
I’m over relationships, and that’s exactly what I told an extremely handsome bartender that same night. Because why wouldn’t I stroll into a pub to drown my sorrows and confess everything to a sexy stranger?
Except, apparently, I told him about more than my awful date—a whole lot more. For some unfathomable reason, I felt the need to tell him I haven’t had sex in months.

So pardon me while I crawl under a rock.
I bet you’re thinking things couldn’t get worse, right? I’d say hold my beer, but that’s too on the nose.
That mouthwatering drink-slinger was in fact not a bartender but none other than my brother’s on-field rival: Dax Sinclair, a professional football player for the DC Rockets. And then that sexy-as-sin, built-like-a-Greek-god stud of a man inexplicably announced to thousands of people—on camera—that we were engaged!
Engaged! Me, Cami Donovan, engaged to Dax Sinclair!
What was I supposed to do? I smiled, nodded, and figured we’d call off the fake engagement once the dust settled. Then he kissed me, and before I knew it, we were in an official fake relationship.
The man promised me romance and boy does he deliver! But, just as in our arrangement, things aren’t always what they seem.
Now I have to decide . . . do I stick with the home team or root for the rival?

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