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Roman (Lane Brothers #5) by Kristina Weaver – Free eBooks Download


After the intense passion we shared, I hid Mel Dobson away from the world, including me. It’s getting so hard to tell myself it’s just a mission as I ignore her calls and watch my family from a distance. The problem is that I started this mess so long ago, I can’t give up now. I will find the names of the Patriots’ secret council, and then I will shut the extremist organization down once and for. I just hope Mel is still waiting for me when I’m finally ready to go home.

Roman Lane was kind and sweet and the most passionate lover I’ve ever had, until he left me. I try not to let it upset me. I’m a strong woman, dammit. I was raised by a cop. But I don’t feel quite so strong when I find out Daddy was killed by the same men whom Roman hides among. The fool better have a good reason for willingly putting himself in danger.

Then there’s the baby growing inside me. My biggest fear now is that the father will never make it home to meet his child.

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