Rogue You Like a Hurricane by Brenna Ash (ePUB)

rogue like hurricane, brenna ash

Rogue You Like a Hurricane (Rogues of Redemption #2) by Brenna Ash – Free eBooks Download


With the stakes so high, do they dare risk it all?

Alexander Campbell, Duke of Argyll, faced a challenging transition back to civilian life that proved to be far more difficult than he had anticipated. Devastated by the decimation of his estate’s finances and the loss of his prized sheep due to his reckless brother’s gambling debts, he now struggles to restore order and stability. Amidst this chaos, the presence of his best friend’s sister, who had now blossomed into a breathtaking beauty while he was away at war, threatens to derail his focus and determination to rectify the situation.
Miss Clarissa Gordon is completely devoted to delving into her vast library of books, a passion that far surpasses any interest in the gentlemen who have been vying for her attention. Their pompous and dull demeanor pales in comparison to the captivating Alexander, particularly after his recent return. With his dashing charm, he effortlessly stirs up feelings she had long kept concealed, making them impossible to deny.

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