Rogue Wallflower: Lady Be Vengeful by Dawn Brower (ePUB)

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Rogue Wallflower: Lady Be Vengeful (Revenge of the Wallflowers #18) by Dawn Brower – Free eBooks Download


Lady Victoria Spencer has loved one man her entire life. Of course he never notices her. Why should he? She’s a wallflower and no one pays the unwanted ladies much mind. Had she been a bit plump? Yes. Now that she no longer is, she has a plan. She’s going to become a rogue wallflower, and only one man will do as her first lover.
David Brooks, Earl of Foxcroft had led a charmed life. Right up until his father died and he was forced to take responsibility for his family and the estate. His father had run the coffers nearly empty and it had been up to him to restore their fortune. He could have married an heiress, but felt that was a cowardly way out. Instead he focused on rebuilding his fortune. Now that he feels secure enough with his family’s status he has decided to take a wife. Only one woman will do, but now that he can claim her, she would rather take a lover, not a husband.
All Victoria needs is a gentleman well versed in everything roguish to give her those lessons. David seizes upon the opportunity. He is more than willing to use her curiosity to his advantage. As long as in the end, he’s the only rogue she wields her newfound skills on.

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