Rogue Vengeance by Louise Rose-Innes (ePUB)

rogue vengeance, louise rose-innes

Rogue Vengeance (SAS Rogue Unit #6) by Louise Rose-Innes – Free eBooks Download


He’s driven by vengeance. She’s on a covert mission. The only thing holding them back, is each other.

When Vance’s peaceful, new life is shattered by a lethal Taliban attack, the ex-special forces operative is catapulted back into the world he left behind. With only one thought in his mind: Vengeance. The person or persons who orchestrated this attack are going to pay. And then some.
Graduate agent Sloane Carmichael has been with the CIA for all of two months. This is her first assignment and she’s way out of her depth. But she’s onto something, and it might be the biggest cover-up the agency has ever seen. Enter Vance, the angry ex-SAS operative with a personal vendetta who threatens to destroy the mission. It’s going to take all her charm and initiative to win him over to her way of thinking.

But when the sh*t hits the fan, can she count on him to help her, or will he sacrifice the mission for his own personal blood lust?

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