Rogue Legend by Louise Rose-Innes (ePUB)

rogue legend, louise rose-innes

Rogue Legend (SAS Rogue Unit #8) by Louise Rose-Innes – Free eBooks Download


The Falcon.
The worst terrorist Britain has ever known. And he’s back.
This time he’s got company. A dark-haired beauty with witchy-green eyes and an enchanting face that gets stuck in his head.
Who is she? And why is she with Al-Jabiri.
When her identity becomes known, Pat realizes he can use her to his advantage.
He’s going to turn her so she becomes a spy in The Falcon’s camp.
What he doesn’t expect, is to lose his heart in the process.
Yasmin is doing what she has to in order to stay alive. Al-Jabiri destroyed her life and he’s going to destroy her too if she doesn’t cooperate. Except her days are numbered.
The terrorist is planning something big, and once that’s over, she’s as good as dead.
Then she meets the enigmatic Patrick Burke.
He promises to help her if she’ll spy on Al-Jabiri for him.
Suddenly, her position is even more precarious.
Can she trust the handsome ex-soldier or will he sacrifice her so as not to jeopardize the operation?
And will her heart survive the betrayal?

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