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Rode Hard (Roadside Attractions #5) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


Rebecca: Everyone thinks they know me: nice, kind, reliable Becky. The quiet single woman who spends her time running the town’s Bookmobile and serving the public on the town council. Not to mention coping with the demands of a well-meaning but overbearing family.
They don’t know the real me. Heck, they don’t even hear me when I say I prefer to be called Rebecca, not Becky. The interesting man I recently met online promises to change all of that. When he rolls up to Friendsgiving on his motorcycle and stakes his claim in front of the entire town, there’s no going back to the life I led before.

Donovan: I knew her before I even met her.
Rebecca may live across the country, but she’s mine. We belong together, and nothing, not even distance is going to keep us apart.
It may seem crazy to hop on my motorcycle and drive over several state lines to attend a Friendsgiving dinner with a stranger, in a tiny town I’ve never heard of. Rebecca is not a stranger, though. Our souls know each other already.

When I arrive in Fate, I can see she’s just as warm and perfect for me as I believed she would be. The only problem is, lots of other people are getting in the way. Rebecca is a woman with too many responsibilities, who is too kind to say no to the needs of her community. I plan on spending my life taking care of the woman who spends too much time taking care of everyone else.

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