Rockstar Dragon’s Bride by Brittany White (ePUB)

rockstar dragon's bride, brittany white

Rockstar Dragon’s Bride (Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers #7) by Brittany White – Free eBooks Download


Can a dragon shifter help heal his mate’s broken heart — with the promise of a fake wedding?

The Pretend Bride:
At twenty-two I had everything I dreamed of.
Generous parents, a dedicated fiance, and an upcoming wedding in Las Vegas.
For the icing on the cake, my parents paid to have Garrett Hudson, a gorgeous rock star, sing for my bachelorette party.
Vegas was supposed to be fun; a way to relax before I got married.
But the fun ended when I walked in on my fiance.
He was with someone else.
He was with not one other woman, but four.
He begged my forgiveness. But he had betrayed me.
To bury my pain, I take risks. Out in the desert while rock climbing, I fall. I should have died.
But someone catches me, and saves my life..
I wake up in the arms of a man.
Not just any man. The sexy rock star who sang for me.
I’m single now, but he’s a playboy.
But he’s different with me. He’s kind and considerate, but he’s hiding a big secret.
After my ex betrayed me, can I let myself fall for this handsome rock star?

The Rock Star Shifter:
At thirty, I was still unmated. And that’s how I wanted it.
My overbearing clan wanted me to choose a respectable profession — doctor, lawyer, dentist. They wanted me to conform.
But music stole my heart.
I moved to Vegas and made it big. And now I don’t go home anymore.
I pushed the dragon inside me away.
I won’t listen to my family. I refuse to settle down and find a mate; I like playing the field.
Then I meet a captivating young bride.
This human woman is different.
She belongs to someone else, but I am drawn to her like no other.
I can’t get her out of my head.
But do not steal the mate of another, no matter the circumstance.
Then the girl leaves her fiance, and now she is free.
This awakens my dragon, who insists this girl is mine.
My mate.
Under a sunny sky, I save her life. Now I am bound to her.

Can I convince this beautiful woman to give love another chance?
Can a dragon shifter convince his love that she’s his mate, and turn his fake-marriage into a real one?

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