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Rocking the Boat (The Cruise #2) by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


Ash: My vacation is ruined! My nemesis, the one person I’ve ever truly hated is here, and even worse, his whole gang is with him. It might have been funny, but being stuck on a cruise ship for three months with Matthew Dale is no laughing matter! I could hide…maybe jump ship? But no, he’s here, and I have to deal with him. Of course, with my luck, dealing with him doesn’t go the way I planned. What was once fiery hatred is now a different kind of heat. What? No, that can’t be right. Damn it, is he being nice to me?

Matthew: A tropical cruise with my best friends? Great idea! At least that’s what I thought. A vacation in the sun, meeting new people, and nothing to spoil the fun. It was a good plan until I ran into Ash. The guy was a jerk back in high school, and it looked like time hadn’t changed him in the slightest. I should have walked away, ignored him. But…I didn’t. Something changed. It’s different now. And WTF, I can’t believe I’m actually starting to like the guy. I’m an idiot but it looks like I’m his idiot.

Dare these two enemies rock the boat and reawaken more than just their old hatred? Can Matthew and Ash avoid the inevitable tsunami of disaster and become…more?

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