Rocking His Boat by Poppy Parkes (ePUB)

rocking his boat, poppy parkes

Rocking His Boat (Ahoy, Me Hearties!) by Poppy Parkes – Free eBooks Download


Batten down the hatches and hold fast for a rip-roaring older man/younger woman nautical romance!
Raised by sea pirates, the ocean is in Gale’s blood.
But pirating itself? He’s ready to retire.
He’s been working hard with the Tide Titans, the gang of modern day Robin Hood-ing nautical pirates he grew up in, to earn his way out. All he needs is is own ship, and he’s free. He’s getting too old for a life of crime, however well-intentioned.
And now, finally, he’s out.
In the Titans’ latest raid, he commandeers himself a yacht that will serve him nicely in his retirement.
The only problem? The boat’s not empty.
Once he’s far out on the open water, he discovers Rae, a beautiful stowaway who rocks his plans for a quiet retirement — and rocks his boat — in more ways than one.
But Rae’s not without a history of her own, and soon it’s making waves in Gale’s peaceful new life. The only question now is will he protect the younger woman that’s growing on him despite all logic, or protect himself and look the other way?

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