Rocking for the Rebel by Jaycee Wolfe (ePUB)

rocking for rebel, jaycee wolfe

Rocking for the Rebel (The Rejected #1) by Jaycee Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been tired for too long. Tired of struggling, tired of working myself to the bone, tired of the way people talk about my brothers and me. There’s nothing I can do about the way people see us. All I can do is keep working, keep struggling just so we can get the hell out of this godforsaken town. With my brothers finding the girls of their dreams, I’m starting to wonder if the plans we have all been working toward for years are about to change. Then Lexi comes into my life, rocking me to the core. Now I’m more than certain my plans have changed. I may still be focusing on leaving this town, but now I am hoping it will be with her at my side.

Watching my best friend finally find the man of her dreams, someone to protect her from the assholes in this town, was the happiest day of my life. I’m happy for Rissa, but the group of guys her man brought along with him? I’m not complaining about that in the least. The Rejects are tough on the outside but each one is sweet, caring, and everything a guy should be on the inside. I wasn’t expecting one of them to catch my attention, and when he tells me I’m his, I’m more than a little wary. I want him more than my next breath, but can I give up control enough to let him love me? Or will I force him to despise me as much as my parents do?

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