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rocket, allie scott

Rocket (Big Boys of Beaumont High #2) by Allie Scott – Free eBooks Download


All it took was one kiss to change everything…

Jason “Rocket” Turner is the life of the party. As Beaumont High’s star basketball player, he’s the best and he knows it.
He could have any girl he wants, except for one. The one girl he’s been twisted up in knots over since that secret kiss they shared.
When his dream girl comes to him to help bring his best friend and his girl back together, he jumps at the chance for more time with her.

Becky Miller has wanted to be with Jason for as long as she can remember. But Jason never noticed her. Not until she stole a kiss and left him wanting more. She’s avoided him ever since, wanting to leave the past behind. He clearly had no interest in her, or he’d have asked her out by now.

But when her bestie needs help getting her man back, can she put her own worries aside to ask him for help? Or will rumors tear these two apart before they ever get the chance to start?

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