River’s Mystic Crush by Natalie Ann (ePUB)

mystic crush, natalie ann

River’s Mystic Crush (Mystic: Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection #1) by Natalie Ann – Free eBooks Download


Dr. River Scarsdale was born on the wrong side of the watery banks and many never let him forget it in the small town of Mystic. He busted his butt and proved that where you come from doesn’t stop you from where you are going. And that crush he’d had when he was a teen, the one for the wealthy stepdaughter of the man whose boat he cleaned? Yeah, he always wondered what happened to her.
Emma Ellis has watched her mother marry and divorce more than any teen should. Each husband brought more wealth and higher expectations of her children to follow in her footsteps. The minute she could move out and make her own choices she did. They were nothing like her mother’s and never would be. And if her mother didn’t like she was vacationing in the town they’d stayed in when she was a teen to revisit old memories, then that was just too darn bad too. If only she had more of a backbone to get her point across.

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