River’s Guilt by Monique Orgeron (ePUB)

river's guilt, monique orgeron

River’s Guilt (Crescent Kings MC #1) by Monique Orgeron – Free eBooks Download


I was driven by a singular goal— to feel freedom whip across my face while ruling the Kings with my best friend.
Things changed when he got himself killed.
He ruined everything by flying off the handle, reaching too far, too fast, without a care for what his death would do to those left behind.
For years I’ve been the one taking on his responsibilities, protecting his wife and son, feeling the strain of my lost freedom.
Yes, things changed, but some things stayed the same.
I still owe him, and I still battle with the guilt and shame of loving another man’s woman.
My best friend’s wife.

In all my years with the Crescent Kings, no one, not one freaking man, has enticed me more than my late husband. No one… but his best friend, River.
One is dead, and the other wouldn’t touch me if his life depended on it.
He looks at me like I’m a seductress bringing forth his damnation.
There are moments, though, when I catch his gaze and see something I haven’t seen in years. I see his own unfulfilled desire.
Touch me, I beg silently and wait with bated breath for the day he will finally let go of his guilt.

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