Rising from Flames and Starlight by Ava Thorne (ePUB)

rising from flames, ava thorne

Rising from Flames and Starlight (Songs of Adimos #2) by Ava Thorne – Free eBooks Download


In the aftermath of chaos, Princess Tori finds herself caught in darkness. No one truly understands the great prophecies, but as Tori becomes more entangled in its web, she can no longer ignore the role she is to play in her world’s future. With the weight of destiny on her shoulders, Tori must find her way to save the man she loves. But what will it cost her, and will she make it in time?
Her brother returns to her side, his once-familiar presence now tinged with a darkness that Tori is unsure if she can overcome. Alongside him stands a new companion, her intentions shrouded in uncertainty. Will she help them, or will her loyalties to the Emperor be their undoing?
War ravages the continent, and Tori must find her place in it, or risk losing everything she has gained to the clutches of Emperor Hadeon. Can she unravel the threads of fate and harness the magic that has emerged inside of her, or will she let it consume her, and the world with it?

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