Rise of the Lycans by Paulina Vasquez (ePUB)

rise of lycans, paulina vasquez

Rise of the Lycans (Mates & Bonds) by Paulina Vasquez – Free eBooks Download


As the Ancient Prophecy foretold, the rise of lycans has started, but the Moon Goddess seems to have forsaken her wolves. Mates and bonds are a rarity. Without a mate bond, a shifter’s heart cannot recognize a mate. The Lycan King isn’t worried about his heart because he gave it away long ago. As the draw to her becomes impossible to avoid, Lukas takes what he’s always wanted.
When Selena finds herself mateless, she studies fashion in Paris as an escape. Reluctantly, she attends the mating ball at the Palace of Versailles, which leads to undiscovered secrets. The race against time is ticking across Paris as visions of a Goddess in distress start to make sense.

From the Empire of The Dead to the Iron Lady, no place is safe when shifters’ existence is at stake.

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