Ripped to Shreds by Katie May (ePUB)

ripped to shreads, katie may

Ripped to Shreds (Shifter Reverse Harem Duet #2) by Katie May – Free eBooks Download


War is coming.
And if I don’t act fast, everyone I love will pay the price.
I spent thirty days with the aloof serial killer and mobster Vincent Davenport before being passed to the vice president of the Bloody Skulls, Mason.
Mason is the exact opposite of Vincent in every way, but both men set my heart alight. While Vincent is ice, Mason is fire. While Vincent is cold passion, Mason is heat and laughter.
But falling in love is immensely dangerous when there’s a war looming on the horizon. A war that threatens everyone I have ever come to care about.
As my relationships with both Vincent and Mason grow, I find myself intrigued by the protective, possessive prince of the Totemic Tribe, Tai. He’s everything I shouldn’t want in a man—bossy, arrogant, and possessive—but I find that I don’t want to stay away. I find that I can’t stay away.
One man wants to claim me. Another wants to protect me. And the last wants my heart and soul.
All three men despise each other, yet none of them can stay away from me.
Will this queen claim her kings?
Or will she fall prey to a war she didn’t start?

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