Rime Fire MC: Hockey Old Ladies #3 by Esther E. Schmidt (ePUB)

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Rime Fire MC: Hockey Old Ladies #3 by Esther E. Schmidt – Free eBooks Download


Speed and physical contact; something ice hockey is known for. Especially when it comes to the members of Rime Fire MC. They fight hard but even harder off the ice. A solid team, a brotherhood, playing this game they call life where there’s more at stake than the puck hitting the net.
Micah – As a right winger, and a biker of Rime Fire MC, I thrive in the offensive zone. Attempting to score is my main goal on and off the ice. Until I’m confronted by a woman who spikes my interest but doesn’t want a repeat. Shockingly enough, I can’t remember our first encounter, rendering me unable to score for the first time in my life.
Mitzi-Faye – I shouldn’t give him a second chance because nothing good can come out of mixing business and pleasure. His counter deal Is friendship. Until it’s not enough for the both of us. That’s the moment my life takes a spin and a stalker is thrown into the mix.

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