Righteous Love is a Narrow Path by Lewis Pennington (ePUB)

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Righteous Love is a Narrow Path (The Memory Stones #2) by Lewis Pennington – Free eBooks Download


After Mase Winslow travels back in time to post–Civil War South Carolina, he leaves behind his friend, Zoey Antonelli, to deal with the harsh realities of modern-day New York City alone. What he doesn’t know is that he’s also leaving her with the constant reminder of a hidden love she harbors for him. Rather than fading, her feelings continue to grow over the next ten years, gradually pushing her toward an emotional cliff that could destroy her. As she struggles with the regret of not professing her love while he was present, she turns to a journal Mase left her. From its pages, she attempts to piece together an implausible life that would reunite the present with the past. It is only when the power of the memory stones comes into play that such an impossibility becomes reality. Using the stones, and with love as her only objective, she sets off on a journey that will not only redefine what true love really is but also highlight the difficulties we must sometime endure to achieve it.

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  • Righteous Love is a Narrow Path – Lewis Pennington ePUB



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