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riggins, kate tilney

Riggins (Jade Mountain Search & Rescue #4) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A retired cross country skier/ mountain search and rescue team volunteer and his best-friend’s curvy sister find instalove romance in the Pacific Northwest.

When my dog chases after a squirrel and nearly throws me off of a mountain, I’m so embarrassed, I could cry. When a stranger calls the Jade Mountain Search & Rescue team to come and help me after said fall, I could die. And when one member of the search & rescue team turns out to be my brother’s best friend from way back when . . .
There aren’t words. Just like there aren’t words for the immediate reaction I have to Riggins after all these years. And as we spend time alone together on the mountain, I find myself wondering if the man of my dreams hasn’t been right in front of me all along.

I was born and raised to be a winner. But after bringing home more gold medals and endorsement deals than any man could ever deserve, I’m looking for more meaning to my life. For a while, I thought I’d found it in my work with the search & rescue team. But lately, I feel like there’s something missing. Something more pure, more true. Something like love.
Is it possible I may have just found it in my best friend’s little sister? Or is that a line that’s better left uncrossed?

Jade Mountain Search & Rescue is a series of standalone short, sweet, and steamy romances filled with action, adventure, and a happily ever after. Read RIGGINS if you enjoy first responder mountain men and BBW women finding true love. No cheating! No cliffhangers!

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