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Ridley Uncovered by Peyton Miller – Free eBooks Download


I’ve hidden for long enough, but I’m not ready to come out. A masquerade ball at a gay night club is the perfect place for me to final get a kiss from a man. My father, who happens to be a pastor, won’t know, and I’ll have fun.
I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I’m doing more than kissing with a stranger. The anonymous aspect is good, until that man turns out to be someone too close for comfort.
All of my careful planning is washed down the drain when I find my dad having a conversion therapy meeting in the living room. I don’t come out, but I do get myself in a ton of hot water by opening my big mouth.
Now I’ve been kicked out, family secrets are exposed, and I might really lose my job. What have I done? Maybe I never should have traveled to Manchester for that one night of fun, but I can’t take it back now

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