Riding With the Grizzly by Skye Alder (ePUB)

riding with grizzly, skye alder

Riding With the Grizzly (Devil’s Pack MC) by Skye Alder – Free eBooks Download


A rivalry isn’t going to stand in the way of me getting my mate.

As President of the Devil’s Pack MC, I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.
I look after my guys and this town.
The only thing that I stay away from is the Midnight Rebel MC and their side of town.
That is, until I realize that they have my mate.

I need to get away from my family.
Things used to be good, until my mom died and my dad remarried.
That was when everything went to hell.
I’ve been looking for a way out.
I just never expected that way to be Jude Monroe.
He says that I’m meant to be his, that we’re literally fated to be, and now I have a choice.
Can I trust him? And do I really want to trade one MC for another?

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