Riding the Sugar High by Letizia Lorini (ePUB)

riding sugar high, letizia lorini

Riding the Sugar High (Love & Other Recipes) by Letizia Lorini – Free eBooks Download


Riding high on love makes life as sweet as sugar.

Primrose Bellevue is many things—a candy maker, an influencer, and a pink-loving, confident woman. She isn’t, however, a criminal.
That is, until she commits the stupidest crime in history.
After her very public break-up and her sudden fame as a stalker, she has no choice but to escape the scene of the crime. By some stroke of luck, the grumpy, arrogant farmer who witnessed it all just so happens to be desperate for an alibi of his own.
But lacking a stable connection out in the sticks might not be the worst part of bunking with her fake boyfriend. When Logan makes it his goal to check every item off her love wishlist, the bitter remarks between them turn into sweeter-than-sugar smiles.
And the hardest part might just be leaving him behind.


Logan Coleman isn’t many things—a cowboy, a people person, or someone looking for a roommate. He is, however, unable to escape the pink-haired nightmare that keeps popping up everywhere he goes.
Of course she’d turn out to be his only ticket out of jail.
With his farm on the brink of failure and his mental health in shambles, he has a whole list of reasons not to want a real-life Barbie to break through all his carefully crafted barriers. But when being around her starts to feel more like a reward and less like a punishment, he knows letting her in will be worth it.
Even if it means Primrose will be the one to take him down.
Riding the Sugar High is a steamy, emotional, laugh-out-loud story about love, acceptance, and vegan treats. It features two opposites who, brought together by fate, choose to stick together even when it’s the hardest path to follow.

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